Magnificent Game

We only guide fair-chase hunts for Roosevelt Elk, one of the toughest species of North American big game to harvest.

Amazing Terrain

We hunt thousands of acres of public-access and private property in Washington state near the Pacific coast—prime Roosevelt Elk country.

Spectacular Trophies

We’re experts at calling elk during fair chase hunts on public land. We usually hunt walk-in only areas—that’s where the best bulls are.

True Talent & Fair Chase

Our family—and our guides—grew up hunting Roosevelt Elk. We’ve guided and hunted all over North America including Alaska, Canada, Texas, and most of the Mountain West.

The REO Lodge

You’ll stay less than one hour from the areas where you’ll hunt. Our Lodge has hot showers, comfortable beds, and a dining area where we serve huge meals, swap stories, and plan hunts.

We are dedicated to giving you the hunt you expect!

We only hunt Roosevelt Elk.

Hunting with us is like hunting with family. We’ve worked hard to assemble a team of experienced, low-key, respectful, and focused guides to help you get the bull of a lifetime. Our guides have over 50 years of experience hunting Roosevelt Elk, plus experience hunting and guiding all over North America. The quality of our team shows in how we run our hunts and how many of our hunters succeed.

Every day, we’ll have a hot breakfast and hand you a huge lunch. After we leave the lodge, we’ll go on a fair-chase hunt on thousands of acres of public-access and private property. Muzzleloaders and archers hunt during the rut; modern firearm hunters go a bit later. We usually hunt on foot, but we’ll use mountain bikes and boats if that’s what it takes to find the best bulls and recover meat. One of our goals is to help you become a better hunter, so along the way, our guides will show you hunting and calling techniques that can use on your own hunts for years to come. Once your bull is down, we’ll help you get it out of the woods and into our walk-in cooler, where it will stay chilled until you leave. At the end of the day, we head back to the Lodge for hot showers, delicious dinners, and comfortable beds. More than anything, we love hunting Roosevelt Elk and we want to share our love of these magnificent animals with you.

We look forward to showing you just how much fun it can be.

Paul Ockerman
Kevin Cuerter
Roosevelt Elk Outfitters

What To Expect

What To Expect
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Resources & Links
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About Us

About Us
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Hunts & Rates
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REO Lodge

REO Lodge
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